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Welcome to UU Connections

This is a forum on the Fediverse for Unitarian Universalists and friends to connect. The focus of my.futureluv is technology and collaboration. So this forum is intended as a way to put forward ideas of how to better connect our communities with online tools and technology. :)

Sagan Chapel at, an # grid.

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Oh cool. 😀 I think we spoke last year. This is my second try running a Friendica node. It is going better this time around. Our local UU Congregation uses Zoom as well, but it is getting expensive. I have been working with Jitsi-Meet example link It is a really nice open source Zoom-like software. I am hoping to get my local church to try it, maybe with smaller committee meetings and such.
I'm in Manchester NH btw 😀 “<p>But this project is much co…”

But this project is much cooler:
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This is one of the features at Creatrix

Creatrix is a new kind of # grid, offering great collaboration tools like # a voice, video and screen sharing collaboration tool.

Nice Opensource Zoom Alternative

I have been doing some work with Jitsi, an open source alternative to Zoom. I think it's actually a lot smoother and nicer. (and it's free!) I am integrating it into my 3D virtual world as a collaboration tool.

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This forum is intended for positive discussion and ideas for current and new virtual worlds! All of good will are welcome! :)

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